However many old pallets may be taking up valuable space in your home or warehouse, you can put them to good use this festive season by transforming them into a variety of decorative and functional items that are sure to be appreciated by adults and children alike. By recycling your pallets in this manner, you will be doing your bit for the environment at the same time as putting a smile on the faces of your friends, relatives or anyone else who you choose to give one of your pieces of Christmas pallet furniture to this year. There are numerous possibilities you can explore when repurposing old pallets but to get you started, we have listed a few of our favourites below.

Festive Ideas for Old Pallets

Christmas style pallet furniture

Some of the following ideas will be easier to execute if you have access to a well-equipped workshop but for most of them, a few basic DIY tools will suffice.


  • Pallet Christmas Trees – Perfect for outdoor or indoor use, pallet Christmas trees are very easy to make and the finished articles can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. The easiest way to start is to measure one of the shorter sides of a pallet, marking the centre with a pencil. Then, simply draw a line from this centre point to the two corners of the opposite side and cut along the lines with a saw. The end result will be a Christmas tree shape that you can paint green , decorate with fairy lights and even place in a red bucket full of earth if you wish.


  • Pallet Snowmen – A little more challenging than Christmas trees, pallet snowmen are created by cutting a large and small circle, joined together, out of each pallet. Again, you can make your pallet snowmen more attractive by painting them with appropriate colours and affixing various items to them, such as red bows, orange sticks for noses and anything small, black and round for the eyes.


  • Outdoor Seating – If you have invited your extended family to spend the holidays at your place and you are worried that you will not have enough seating for Christmas dinner, you can turn some of your old pallets into outdoor seating units. You can find numerous instructional guides to making this type of pallet furniture online so we won’t go into details here but if you are a fairly confident DIY enthusiast, you will not find it difficult to create comfortable garden benches out of your old pallets.


  • Stars and Angels – Find a suitable template online, take careful measurements and increase the dimensions if necessary, before drawing the patterns onto your pallets. Once you have completed this step, you can cut out your stars and angels with a handsaw, or with a circular saw if you have access to one.

Pallet furniture christmas ideas

If you would like to find out what else you can do with your old pallets, or how you can get hold of some extra ones at highly competitive prices, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.